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The Mediterranean Mastery cocktail trend, the second and last round of the Diageo Reserve World Class Romania 2014

On the 19th of March, World Class Guru Giuseppe Santamaria came to Romania in order to introduce the new Mediterranean Mastery cocktail trend in a special launch party.


First, a few word about the Guru: Giuseppe Santamaria is an internationally renowned mixologist that won the proud title of World Class Best Bartender Spain in 2012.


He started his career in Italy, acquiring experience in 5 star hotels in emblematic locations: Sardinia, Elba Island or Madonna di Campiglio and Milano. Once he finished his Catering Studies, he wanted to develop his career and moved to London in 1997 to work for some of the best Clubs in town. He did a Master with Douglas Ankrah at the London Bartender Academy (L.A.B.). In 2003, he was appointed as Head Bartender for the new opening of the Dusk Lounge Cocktail Bar & Restaurant. He came to Spain in 2007. At present, he is the Bar Manager of the Ohla Boutique Bar - Ohla Hotel in Barcelona, that has became a reference both for professionals and clients.

Let’s mention some of his several international awards: winner at the World Class Spain 2012 and the Tanqueray Gin Contest (2009); finalist at the 8th Havana Club Grand Prix (2010) and the Angostura Cocktail Challenge (Trinidad & Tobago 2011). He has also taken part in the Master organised by the prestigious bartending school of New York, B.A.R. Beverage Alcohol Resources.

Giuseppe specialises in creative and contemporary Mixology, combining modern and traditional techniques and exploring new tendencies, always using fresh and natural ingredients, with the aim to satisfy the most demanding palates. This impressive expertise makes him the perfect Guru for the Mediterranean Mastery cocktail trend!

The Mediterraneanrequires bartenders to draw inspiration from the Mediterranean food and drink culture (featuring ingredients, techniques, herbs & spices, ripe summer time fruit, scents, smells, tastes and floral notes from the region), in order to create an original cocktail based on a Diageo Reserve portfolio product.


Mediterranean cuisine is a vast and diverse source of inspiration, with its unique styles: Eastern Mediterranean (Greek, Turkish, Lebanese, Syrian, Palestinian and Egyptian), Southern Mediterranean (Italy, Southern French/Provençale, Spanish and Portuguese) and North African (Moroccan, Algerian, Tunisian and Libyan).


Moreover, it’s amazing how many spirits and drinks were born in the Mediterranean region:


Juniper flavored drinks. The Salerno monks of Italy in 1050 A.D. created medicines by blending spirits with herbs, spices and berries, which led to the roots of today’s Genever and Gin.

  1. The countries ringing the “Sea of Anise” each have their own anise-based spirits, plus their own names for them, from Anisettes to Absinthes.

Liqueurs & Rosolios. Liqueurs date back to the monasteries of Italy and France in the 1200s, and originate from ancient Greek and Arabic formulas. Rosolios liqueurs, derived from rose petal infusion, are unique to Italy.

Vermouth & aromatized wines. Early recipes from the renaissance were “secret” and called for wine to be fortified with “ardent water” or spirit. Vermouths and aromatized wines have roots in Asian and Arabian scientific and medicinal secrets, and their popularity spread quickly through Europe at the end of the 18th century.

  1. These herbal and bitter-sweet, digestive liqueurs are popular not just in the Mediterranean region, but also in the northern and eastern Europe.

Eaux-De-Vie. These fruit brandies from France retain the flavor and aroma of their originating fruit like pear, Mirabel plum or cherry.

Sherry and Porto wines. Sherry wines hail from Andalusia in Spain, while Porto wines originate in northern Portugal.


The Mediterranean. A truly blessed land and the most generous theme for the second round of the Diageo Reserve World Class Romania 2014.


What’s next? The names of the lucky bartenders to continue the competition will be announced on the 15th of May.

The national final will take place on the 26th of May, in Bucharest, when the best bartender will be named World Class Romania Bartender of the Year and will represent our country at the global final in Great Britain.