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Fruits and plants contribute to every drink, but how can you get the most from them?

In this trend we will explore the world of fruits and plants and how they can be used throughout the year, whether fresh as they come into season or preparing and preserving them. We will explain how seasonality is a fine balance and how as the seasons pass the flavours evolve and also explain how the flavours themselves evolve as they ripen. We will learn how to extract the best of these fruits and plants and how the pair seamlessly with fine spirits in cocktails.

How to harness the savory side of flavoring to create innovative cocktails?

This trend will show how historically foods including meats were used in drinks and its only in recent decades that this has fallen out of favour. The trend is coming back strongly, so will show how to integrate these robust flavours into cocktails. We will also detail the science behind why they work so well together and show some modern examples.